Applications are Open: Back to School with “The Self{ish} Project”!

It’s September and you know what that means- crisp autumn leaves, scrumptious spicy hot drinks… and class is back in session!
I’m thrilled to announce the launch of the third (much anticipated) round of The Selfish Project: Sacred Self Care for Women with Chronic Illness. Class kicks off on September 22nd ! There’s been a waiting for this program for months, so if you’re interested in joining us – act quickly!

*Limited scholarship opportunities available – see below for details.


We’re Changing Lives – and Changing the Face of Lupus


If you’ve been following the updates regarding this course, you know that this has been a complete game changer for women just like you. Women who came into the program depressed, stressed, mired in self-doubt and buckling under the pressure from family and friends to do – and be it all, despite living with a debilitating chronic illness.

Enough of that.


During the 8 weeks of the program, participants are invited into a safe, nurturing environment and given guidance, tools and support to increase self-love, focus on developing self-care and inner strength, and to set loving boundaries with the people in their lives.

The overarching theme of the course is for us as women living with chronic illness to finally take back out power and craft our lives in a way that reduces stress and anxiety and lays the foundation for healing on a profound level – from the inside out.

I have to tell you, I’ve been in the coaching and education world for a long time and I’ve honestly never come across a program packed with this level of depth and support. The ladies who join our intimate group will have access to:

–> 25 laser focused lessons delivered via audio and video, covering all aspects of living with a chronic illness, dealing with the emotional and mental frustrations, and developing habits to move you from merely surviving to THRIVING.

–> Accompanying exercises, experiments and challenges to help you dig into what’s really going on in your life, what needs to change and how to best go about it for maximum benefit + less stress.

–> One on one + group coaching and support from a Certified Holistic Health and Nutrition Coach and 10 year lupus thriver. My ladies know that I respond to all the questions and comments (in great depth) in our private group and truly go above and beyond to make sure YOU are successful. No woman left behind!

–> The love, sisterhood and support of some of the bravest and sweetest women in the world – your fellow lupus warriors. We truly have each others back and the support and sharing of experiences inside of our private “Healing Oasis” is simply amazing. The real life relationships that have developed as a result of the group have been wonderful – people are even having meetups!

–> The knowledge, confidence and support to make real changes in your life NOW. I’m all for supporting lupus research and other endeavors, but we also need real, practical programs and support to help people with chronic illness improve their quality of life now. This program does that in spades.


But don’t just take my word for it. Here’s what some of our lovely grads of The Self{ish} Project had to say about their experience:


 Alumni Love


“Thank you for giving us this opportunity!! I’ve made such drastic changes that I am so very proud of myself! I always thought that I was changing and being positive about my lupus, but I was running in place!! I was too busy making sure everyone else was ok with my lupus, I had forgot about myself, the most important of all!! Thank you for opening my eyes!! I am so very blessed to know you all and have been included in this program!! A HUGE thank you!!” – Marlo De La Mora


“Being able to be open with ladies that knew exactly what I was talking about was a blessing. Not everyone can relate {to what we go through}, but I am selfish now :). I take care of myself before others. Of course I would say that others should join! It is a learning experience and it helps a lot with the emotional turmoil that happens when you are diagnosed. It opened my eyes and my heart to so many new views about life after lupus. I recommend this class to everyone who has this disease.”    – Brittany Lopez

“Thank you for such a blessed eye opening experience! It was eye opening because it exposed my habits that were keeping me from wellness! This program has armed me with an awesome arsenal. I’m putting into practice what I’ve learned and getting rid of the old stuff that wasn’t working. Thank you ladies and god bless you all.”      – Wednesday P.


Our In Depth, Transformative Curriculum


Each week that we’re together we cover a specific theme, with three lessons per week that support your knowledge, self-reflection and growth. We’ve got audio, video, PDFs, discussions, support – every learning style is covered.

I personally help you navigate the journey to accepting – and eventually making peace with lupus and learning how to come out stronger and with a concrete plan for thriving, despite your diagnosis.

Our weekly themes are:

Week 1: Know thyself
Week 2: Discover your prescription for healing
Week 3: Mastering the art of letting go for more ease, healing and happiness
Week 4: Upgrade your diet, upgrade your life
Week 5: Banishing negative self-talk
Week 6: Setting up healing rituals
Week 7: Setting up boundaries and gaining support
Week 8: Tools to continue the journey

Don’t let the simplicity fool you, we go waaaaay deep in these areas, in a way which brings out amazing transformation. Are you ready to do things differently? Are you ready to thrive?


“I am more relaxed and focusing on myself day to day. I have realized that I can’t be of any help to anyone if I’m always tired, not focused and out of touch with reality.” – Q.G.


“I am forever grateful for this opportunity. My heart is overwhelmed with joy. Thank you.” –Michelle F.
“I feel like I’ve found a family!” – Nicole C.


Join us for the next class, which kicks off on September 22nd. This is our LAST class of the year, so if you committed to finally doing something about your health in 2014 – the time is now.


There are two options for joining the class- full pay and partial or full scholarship consideration.

***Please note that there are only 10 scholarships available for this round and we want them to go to people who would truly not be able to experience this course without our financial help. Please consider this before requesting a scholarship and if you are able to pay, leave this opportunity for those who truly need this lifeline. Special thanks to Tichina and Zenay Arnold of the We Win Lupus Foundation for sponsoring these seats!


So, are you ready to completely transform your life in a supportive, educational and uplifting environment – a virtual sisterhood? I can’t wait for you to join us!


Click here to process your payment via our secure checkout process and join The Self{ish} Project 8 week online course.


After you complete checkout, you’ll receive an email with instructions on accessing the course, as well as a link to our pre-class questionnaire. Please fill it out completely so that we have a benchmark with which to measure your progress.


Click here for Scholarship Application



If you are requesting a full or partial (50%) scholarship based on financial need, please use this link to fill out our quick and simple application for consideration. Your application will be reviewed within 48 hours and I will personally work with you to complete you registration if selected.


It’s Time to Finally Put Yourself First

It breaks my heart that many of the people most in need of support (YOU) spend their lives attending to and being pulled by others, instead of prioritizing their own self care. You cannot heal – mentally, emotionally, physically or spiritually – if you never take the time to settle down, shut out the noise and focus on YOU. That time is now. Join us.


Reserve Your Seat Now – Limited Space Available



Click here for Scholarship Application



“Being a part of the Self{ish} Project has changed me a lot. I use to think I didn’t have a purpose to live anymore. Every day I would sit and think of ways to kill myself. I didn’t understand why I couldn’t live the “normal life”. I wanted to go to school full time and work but I realized I just couldn’t do it right now. I felt I was all alone in the world. I was depressed all the time. I didn’t care about anything. I wasn’t living just existing but then I became a part of the Self{ish} Project and found out that I wasn’t alone, I have a purpose and my life has meaning. I was able to do some soul searching and express how I am feeling or what I am going through without feeling ashamed of my condition. After doing the lessons and listening to the videos I felt free. I no longer let people control me or my thoughts. I allow my self-care every day!”    – N. Culberson


“I’ve been catching up on the lessons and they have been so powerful and life changing! Each lesson has really hit home. I realized that I’d subconsciously given up on life and was basically waiting to die. I didn’t leave the house unless it was to go to a doctor’s appointment. I was taking Vitamin D supplements because I wasn’t getting enough sun. I’m so grateful for this course because it has literally changed my life. I’m sleeping throughout the night, worrying much less, and feeling great physically with a burst of energy. I saw my nephrologist last week, who noticed that I looked better. My BP and heart rate have returned to normal and my kidney function has improved! I haven’t been able to participate in the posts as I’d like to lately, but I hope to be caught up by Monday’s lesson and rejoin the discussions. I really can’t say it enough; THANK YOU, Tichina, Zenay, and Khadija for this life-changing experience. I’ve learned to love myself again.”    – Shalanda M.

I can’t wait to see you in class!

Love and Self{ish}ness,




P.S. 2014 is almost over. Don’t let another year go by before you truly put yourself first and prioritize your health and happiness. I’ll be with you the whole way. Come on, join us!



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