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This page gives you a sneak peak at the programs that I will be providing for our community in 2014. I’m passionate about the ability of radical self-care and holistic living to promote healing.

More like immersive and thoroughly enjoyable “experiences”, the programs I’m designing will speak directly to your needs as a woman living with chronic illness. As someone who has lived with lupus for almost ten years, I know exactly how to take you from surviving– to thriving!

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*Note- this course is sponsored by the We Win Lupus Foundation. 23 women have been awarded scholarships in our Summer session. To submit your name for future scholarship opportunities, please leave your email here.When was the last time you took time to really care for yourself? Do you struggle to implement self-care or worse- feel as if you don’t deserve to?
Perhaps you’re struggling with setting boundaries, asking for support or feel as if everyone expects the world from you- despite your illness? If this sounds familiar, this is truly the program for you.This program will help you uncover your self-care needs, reduce anxiety, set boundaries and enlist help when you need it- all critical first steps on the healing journey. This transformative group program is the perfect way to finally prioritize YOU and provides a strong foundation should you choose to move on to the “Chronic Shift” program.
It all starts with self-care.


*Chronic Shift Will Debut in Fall, 2014.
Your disease does not define you. You CAN heal your body, mind and spirit. It does, however require a shift in perspective. In this program, we re-define chronic illness and tackle it on a Whol-istic level. What are your triggers? On a daily basis, what do you consume- OR what’s consuming you? We’ll tackle emotions, support, relationships and creativity too. Because at the end of the day, it all comes back to you.Warning: This is not a normal cleanse or abstract health program. We detox your life.
Are you ready to thrive? 

As your personal wellness and nutrition coach, we will work together to develop and implement a custom plan to take you from merely surviving- to thriving.This is high touch package with direct access via phone and email. Includes personal guidance through the “Thrive in Five” Immune Recovery System, menu guidance, lifestyle recommendations, support in reducing stress, as well as gaining support from family and friends. We’ll examine your illness origin story, craft your future and indulge in sacred self-care throughout the journey.
By application only.