Fight Insomnia with Aromatherapy

Do you suffer from Insomnia (otherwise infamously known as “pain-somnia”)? Unfortunately, this is something that plagues so many people dealing with lupus – and chronic disease in general. You may feel as if you’re cursed and can’t get a good night’s sleep to save your life. However, there are concrete reasons for your restlessness and […]

Congratulations Fall 2014 Self{ish} Project Awardees!

Drum Roll Please…………. I’m thrilled to the recipients of the full scholarship to the Fall session of “The Self{ish} Project”- Sacred Self-Care for Women with Chronic Illness! These generous scholarships were sponsored by the Amazing Tichina and Zenay Arnold, who join me in being committed to improving the quality of life for lupus patient NOW! […]

Finding Your Zen: Hacking the Connection Between Stress and Lupus

As anyone with lupus can tell you, stress is one of our greatest enemies. Whether you’re experiencing overwhelm, juggling a demanding job, managing a household, experiencing relationship problems, trying to get through school – or just dealing with the problems and anxiety of managing your disease – unchecked stress can have dire consequences. It can […]