Self{ish} Project Recap: The New Face of Lupus

  I’ve been wanting to write a recap of my experience in running The Self{ish} Project for a few weeks, but took some time after our last session ended to focus on self-care, fully integrate and reflect on the experience of working with these amazing women, and to brainstorm ways to make the experience even […]

Congratulations Seflf{ish} Project Scholarship Awardees!

It’s finally here! I’m announcing the recipients of the full scholarship to the Summer session of “The Self{ish} Project”- Sacred Self-Care for Women with Chronic Illness. But before I announce the names, I just want to say that Zenay, Tichina (Program Sponsors and “We Win” Foundation Co-Visionaries) and I were truly touched with so much […]

It All Begins with a Choice: My Journey to Thriving

  I am extremely grateful to be in the place I currently am in my life. I have a strong connection to the Creator and my fellow human beings, a large beautiful family, vastly improved health and a mission to improve the lives of people living with chronic illness. But I’d be lying if I […]

Happy Spring! + Finding a Cure vs. Being Healed

Hello Love! It’s been a bit since my last post, but I’ve had my head down creating something AWESOME for you (more on that later). But I felt compelled to write because yesterday was officially the first day of spring and I couldn’t be more excited! Spring is my favorite time of year because of […]