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This Lupus Awareness Month, Invest in Your Mental & Emotional Wellness, and Support Amazing Lupus Initiatives – All at Once!



If you’re like most of us with lupus, you KNOW that the emotional and mental battle of living with a chronic illness can often be as bad as the physical symptoms! Does any of this sound familiar?


–> You feel lost, confused – and even angry about why YOU have to suffer with this disease. Why me?!


–> Lupus has stripped you of your self-worth and identity, leaving you to wonder – “Who am I now, and will life ever be the same?”


–> You desperately want to learn tips and techniques to reduce stress, increase peace of mind, and incorporate more “Sacred Self-Care” in your life – without apology, but you’re not sure how. 


–> Your relationships have become strained and you’re not sure how to communicate to those in your life just how much you need their love and support.


–> You struggle with “Superwoman Syndrome”, doing everything for everyone, despite the fact that you have a major illness!


–> You need to set boundaries and remove toxic people/situations from your life in order to reduce your stress levels.


–> You know that eating better can improve your symptoms, but not sure HOW or WHY?


–> You’re experiencing depression or intense anxiety about what the future holds for you.


–> You’re sick and tired of feeling sick and tired.


As an 11 year lupus survivor, I get it. And I want to help.




The Self{ish} Project: Sacred Self-Care for Women with Chronic Illness


 What would it mean to your health- and your life, if you could create an environment where YOUR needs are number one? A life where you stop sacrificing your health and sanity to please others – but instead, set loving boundaries, eliminated toxic interactions, release depression and anxiety, and were able to enlist the willing aid of your family and friends in support of your healing journey?


Breath that in for a second…..

It’s totally possible, thanks to a life-changing program designed specifically for women with chronic illness. Specifically for YOU.


But before I get to that, I want to share with you an amazing Lupus Awareness Month initiative that Thrive with Lupus is launching…giving back to those amazing lupus warriors and advocates that support our chronic illness community day in, and day out.

There are a ton of great awareness  campaigns and a lot of fundraising for research going on this month. And while those are amazing initiatives, in my opinion, the many grass-roots efforts and projects BY lupus patients FOR lupus patients, can often go unfunded and unrewarded – and thus don’t have as much impact as they could.


I hope to change that a bit. This Lupus Awareness Month, we’re “Supporting the Supporters” AND supporting women with chronic illness to reduce stress, improve self-care, conquer depression, and learn to LIVE again – despite their diagnosis.

It’s absolutely possible.


While we absolutely support current research efforts, we’re looking to have an impact by helping women with lupus and other illnesses live better NOW. Are you in?


Click to see how The Self{ish} Project changed Gina’s life:



Why “Support the Supporters”?


This initiative began as a way to say a big THANK YOU to my good friends at the We Win Lupus Foundation for all of their amazing support for our community, and for sponsoring so many women in The Self{ish} Project over the last year – however, it has evolved into SO much more! But first, let me give you the background, and then I’ll tell you how you can join us in supporting We Win and other chronic illness advocates to further their work in the community. Their work for YOU!


As an 11 year Lupus survivor, support page admin and Health Coach – I KNOW how much energy and time it can take to support our community. But so many amazing advocates do so because they know how much people suffering from chronic illness need understanding, community and resources.


They invest their time, money and energy because they care – and if we don’t support each other, who will right?


Zenay Arnold TestimonialOne of the most amazing examples I’ve seen of this is Zenay and Tichina Arnold of the We Win Lupus Foundation. These ladies truly go above and beyond and pour their heart and soul into lupus awareness and supporting not only those affected – but the families and caregivers of those of us with lupus as well. They truly have hearts of gold.


In addition to raising lupus awareness wherever they go – We Win is focused on funding future scholarships, as well as providing monetary assistance, survival packs, and other aid to those living with lupus. I’ve personally witnessed their dedication to our community, and this Lupus Awareness Month, I want to support them – and you, in helping people with lupus live better NOW.


When I see sincere people working their fingers to the bone to help others – I want  to support them in any way that I can. I’ve also had a ton of inquiries about when I’m reopening The Self{ish} Project- our hugely popular and life-changing emotional wellness and self-care course  for women with chronic illness. In thinking of a way to help fund more grass-roots support & wellness initiatives – as well as  how/when I would run the course again, I developed the “Support the Supporters” initiative – and I hope you join in!



I have come up with a way to not only bring this life-changing program to more women in our community, but to help We Win – and other amazing advocates monetarily, to further support their collective projects and support initiatives. I’m SO excited about the impact we can have together! 


How This Will Work:


Normally admission into the live 8 week LIVE version of The Self{ish} Project is $300.00 – which We Win covered for many scholarship recipients in theGabrielle Davis Testimonial past. However, I’m packaging the content into an on-demand, home study version that women with lupus and other chronic illnesses can take at their own pace, in the comfort of their homes.


 For Lupus Awareness Month, I’m reducing the price considerably to $97.00, and donating 50% of all sales to the We Win Foundation, and other amazing chronic illness advocates and groups. My goal is to help fund some of their much-needed projects, and at the same time, women with chronic illness are able to gain access to an amazing life changing course! (sorry, fellas – we DEFINITELY honor your struggle as well, but this course is specifically for ladies).


 What could be better than investing in your own health and happiness, as well as supporting future initiatives that will positively impact our community? It’s truly a WIN/WIN!



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So, What is The Self{ish} Project Anyway?

The short version? It’s an in-depth  and holistic (addressing ALL areas of your life) emotional wellness course, that has changed the lives of nearly 300 women in the last year alone. 


– Relationships have healed.

– Suicide has been averted. 

– Self-worth has been restored. 

– Depression has been lifted. 

– Stress has been shed.

– Clarity has been gained.

– Symptoms have been healed. 


How is this possible, you ask?

By applying the principles of “Sacred Self-Care” in EVERY area of your life…


–> Through deep introspection and by drilling down to identify what’s not working in your life, and charting an empowered plan to change it. 

–> By getting to know yourself all over again, and prioritizing the things that will make YOU thrive.

–> By banishing negative self-talk, toxic relationships, and stressful situations. You’re worth better.

–> Through learning to set up self-care rituals and bedtime routines that will help tame the exhaustion.

–> By eating in a way that supports your body and condition, not makes it worse!

–> By laying down your ‘Superwoman” cape and allowing people to stand on their own two feet – providing the time and energy to focus on your OWN well-being.

–> Through finally putting YOU first. A novel idea, right? 


Click the video to see Nicole’s amazing transformation. Please watch if YOU suffer from depression or suicidal thoughts. 





Our In Depth, Transformative Curriculum


The Self{ish} Project is a self-paced 8 week (with one prep week) online course that you can take from the comfort of your home. Each week delves into a specific theme, with three lessons per week that support your knowledge, self-reflection and growth. We’ve got audio, video & deeply reflective PDFs (“Soul Sheets”) – every learning style is covered.


In this program, I share 15 years of experience in health and emotional wellness, and the actual tools that personally helped me navigate the journey to accepting – and eventually making peace with lupus and learning how to come out stronger and with a concrete plan for thriving – despite my diagnosis. This formula has worked in transforming the lives of nearly 300 women. This is what I want for you as well. 


Our weekly themes are:


Week 1: Know thyself
Week 2: Discover your prescription for healing
Week 3: Mastering the art of letting go for more ease, healing and happiness
Week 4: Upgrade your diet, upgrade your life
Week 5: Banishing negative self-talk
Week 6: Setting up healing rituals
Week 7: Setting up boundaries and gaining support
Week 8: Tools to continue the journey


Don’t let the simplicity fool you, we go waaaaay deep in these areas, in a way which brings out amazing transformation.

Are you ready to do things differently? Are you ready to thrive?



Purchase The Self{ish} Project for a fraction of the cost, and say YES to “Supporting the Supporters”! We’ll send 50% of each sale to an amazing chronic illness advocate or non-profit, to help develop more awareness, education, and support projects for our community. Are you IN?!

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More Alumni Love {We Love Them Back!}


“Thank you for giving us this opportunity!! I’ve made such drastic changes that I am so very proud of myself! I always thought that I was changing and being positive about my lupus, but I was running in place!! I was too busy making sure everyone else was ok with my lupus, I had forgot about myself, the most important of all!! Thank you for opening my eyes!! I am so very blessed to know you all and have been included in this program!! A HUGE thank you!!” – Marlo De La Mora


“Being able to be open with ladies that knew exactly what I was talking about was a blessing. Not everyone can relate {to what we go through}, but I am selfish now :). I take care of myself before others. Of course I would say that others should join! It is a learning experience and it helps a lot with the emotional turmoil that happens when you are diagnosed. It opened my eyes and my heart to so many new views about life after lupus. I recommend this class to everyone who has this disease.”    – Brittany Lopez


“I’ve been catching up on the lessons and they have been so powerful and life changing! Each lesson has really hit home. I realized that I’d subconsciously given up on life and was basically waiting to die. I didn’t leave the house unless it was to go to a doctor’s appointment. I was taking Vitamin D supplements because I wasn’t getting enough sun. I’m so grateful for this course because it has literally changed my life. I’m sleeping throughout the night, worrying much less, and feeling great physically with a burst of energy. I saw my nephrologist last week, who noticed that I looked better. My BP and heart rate have returned to normal and my kidney function has improved! I haven’t been able to participate in the posts as I’d like to lately, but I hope to be caught up by Monday’s lesson and rejoin the discussions. I really can’t say it enough; THANK YOU, Tichina, Zenay, and Khadija for this life-changing experience. I’ve learned to love myself again.”    – Shalanda M. – 



 Next Steps…

 Once you sign up for the course, you’ll instantly receive an email that lays out the program schedule – but don’t worry, you have access to the content for 3 months and can move at your own pace.


For the first week, you’ll receive a daily email that will help set the tone for the course. It contains encouragement, wisdom, and a peek into what’s to come. Make sure to create a folder to revisit those gems again and again.


In week 2, and for the next 8 weeks, you’ll receive an email 3x a week with a link to a new lesson.  In all, you’ll receive 25+ truly transformative lessons, prompts and activities. As you can see from our student testimonials, this course gets results – as long as YOU are open to the process.



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 Living with a chronic illness is one of the hardest things anyone can struggle with. I know how it can not only wear down your body, but also your mental and emotional state, your self-worth – and even your will to live. That is why I developed this program, and am so committed to helping you gain a level of emotional wellness in your life.

When you reduce stress, feel empowered, confident, loved and of value – living with a chronic illness becomes SO much easier, and you may even see that some of your symptoms improve. We KNOW how much stress exacerbates our symptoms, don’t we?!


It’s time to make a choice – will you keep doing the same thing you’ve been doing and be ok with feeling the same way? Or will you HONOR yourself and your struggle by taking this opportunity to finally put yourself first?  


More Alumni Love Notes 


“I’m loving the course so far! I printed the “Soul Sheet” and I even started making more aggressive strides toward “fixing my life”. I’ve also been telling everyone about you and this amazing program. I’m sending a HUGE hug to you- I feel a change already. “~Keeshah D., Lupus Patient & Mother


“After doing the lessons and listening to the videos, I felt free. I no longer let people control me or my thoughts. I allow for my self-care everyday.”~Nicole C., Lupus Patient


“I have literally changed my life as a result of this program. I have more energy, have cut my medication and am feeling more emotionally balanced. Working with Khadija in this program was a blessing.”~Shalanda M., Lupus Patient



What are you waiting for? It’s time to THRIVE!

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